We continue to live in a ‘wait and see’ mode. We are waiting until employers make firm decisions about return to work plans. And we will soon see if those plans will align with our new lifestyles formed during the pandemic.

Meanwhile, the pushback to returning to pre-pandemic office life is growing. An4月2021年4月由FlexJobs调查found that 60% of women and 52% of men would quit their jobs if they were not allowed to continue working remotely at least some of the time. And while searching for a new job, 69% of men and 80% of women said that remote work options are among their top considerations.


There are definitely two sides to the debate of going back to work in-person. Some people have already taken the plunge and are loving the return to civilization. They are the type of people who enjoy having lunch with colleagues, engaging in water cooler chats and making presentations in person rather than via Zoom. They truly missed the human interaction of the office and the people they didn’t see in person for over a year.

Others are dragging their feet and dreading the return to in-person work. They worry about how it will change their new lifestyles and the routines they’ve adopted during the pandemic. They are asking themselves:

  • Who will walk the newly adopted dog?
  • How will I balance childcare?
  • When will I find time to maintain my work out routine?
  • What about my side hustle I took on for extra money?
  • 一种m I ready to return to socializing after such a long time of distancing myself from others?
  • 在白天,我的家人可以在没有我的情况下照顾自己吗?
  • 一种m I really happy in my career?



  • What will my job look like when I return?
  • 我会远离同事吗?
  • 我公司的面具政策会是什么?
  • 如果发生变化,我是否有工具和技能?
  • Is my organization financially safe?
  • Will my colleagues be vaccinated?
  • How dangerous will this Delta variant of the virus prove to be?



在它完全安全之前,有些焦虑涉及被叫回去工作。一个国家Weber Shandwick和KRC研究的调查发现,近一半的员工担心这一点,只有6%的人表示,当他们的雇主表示这是安全的时候,他们将舒适地回到工作。80%的受访者也表示,公司需要改变以保护员工的健康和安全。

But since the path to back-to-work is still unclear for a lot of people, we are seeing more anxiety generated by the unknown. Anxiety can produce fatigue, concentration problems, increased use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, and worsening of existing health conditions. There is evidence that prolonged stress can lead to heart disease and a compromised immune system.

The Brain’s Take

The human brain is designed to create patterns to keep us safe. When we are uncertain about what to expect in the future, our fear systems are activated. We either fight (defend/attack/blame) or flight (avoid/freeze/run), but when we act in fear, our intelligence is dulled. Our thoughts are muddled, we are easily distracted and our decision-making skills become more biased which could lead to poor choices.

我们的身体也会增加its heart rate and blood pressure. This sends more blood to our heart and muscles, and our respiration rate increases. We become vigilant and tense. Our bodies are on full alert.


To combat the fear, we need to strengthen the prefrontal cortex of our brain, a region important in decision making and social behavior. This part of our brain allows us to learn about and recognize emotional cues in others in order to more effectively navigate social situations. It lets us manage our emotions and risk more effectively.


管理焦虑的第一步是recognizing the emotional state you are in。通过简单地识别和命名它,减轻它。它从情感上稍微消除你 - 从字面上移动你的思绪远离杏仁达拉,加强你的前额落rentex。


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You also need to understand that it’s okay to feel how you are feeling.Show yourself some compassion在这段时间。研究表明,当人们试图抑制情绪时,他们会引起与战斗/飞行反应相关的交感神经系统。

了解你的触发器and how to deal with them. The first thing I teach all of my executive coaching clients is how to performdeep diaphragmatic breathing因为它是,递减,缓慢你身体对压力的生理反应的最快方式。


  1. Sit in a comfortable position. You could also lie down or lean against a wall for support.
  2. 通过鼻子呼吸,专注于像气球一样用空气填充你的腹部。
  3. 留下你的呼吸6,然后,通过嘴慢慢呼气,直到你的腹部平坦。冲洗,重复直到你的身体软化,释放你的紧张。

接受生活现在不同。Turn toward your support system of friends, family and your coach as you adjust to this new way of life。在一个支持性的听众的存在下,通过危机来谈论我们的方式,而不是独自举行它,是我们获得有用的反馈的最佳方式之一,使情况成为视角和感知我们并不孤单。

一种lso k请记住,其他人可能面临着类似的挑战,这使得这次成为更加感情和富有同情心的绝佳机会,因为我们都重新进入了更多的社交生活。




If you have developed routines during your work-from-home life that you want to maintain in your in-person work, make these non-negotiable. If you started your morning with a few moments of quiet time or took a lunchtime walk, those are still possible to maintain once you return to the office.


If you realize that your in-person job no longer works for you, you can also take control of the situation by developing a plan on how to change your situation. Schedule time in your week to work on your resume (or聘请主恢复作家for even better results), solidify your求职策略并改善你的面试技巧



  • 一种sense of self-determination
  • 一种参与生活的经历的感觉,以及将底层变成积极的能力。